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CompTIA PenTest+ Practice Questions with Explanations,Prepare You For the Certification Exam



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Nova Genius

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[100% Off] CompTIA PenTest+ Practice Exam Udemy Coupon


Want to test your preparation for the COMPTIA CompTIA PenTest+ Exam and feel confident to pass your COMPTIA exam at first go? Then these ultimate CompTIA PenTest+ Practice Exams are for you! These 6 practice tests reflect the difficulty of the exam questions and are the most similar to the real COMPTIA exam experience available on Udemy. With this COMPTIA Practice Exam, you’ll know when you are ready to master the COMPTIA cloud and pass your CompTIA PenTest+ Exam with a great score!

If you want to pass exam, then these Practice Tests are perfect for you! Our students love these high-quality practice tests because they simulate the actual certification exam and help them understand the COMPTIA concept. Our practice tests will prepare you thoroughly for the real exam so that you get to pass with confidence.

WHAT YOU GET: 300+ Practice Questions on Udemy

3 SETS OF PRACTICE EXAMS – with 100 Questions each
Each practice exam has the same format, style, time limit and passing score as the real COMPTIA exam (60 min to answer 100 questions)
All questions are unique, 100% scenario-based and conform to the latest COMPTIA exam blueprint.


1) 100% CONFORM WITH COMPTIA EXAM BLUEPRINT: Practice Tests on Udemy are 100% scenario-based reflecting the latest COMPTIA exam question/answer format.

2) SIMULATE THE ACTUAL CERTIFICATION EXAM: All Practice Tests are timed (60 min to answer 100 questions) and scored (passing score is 80%) mimicking the real exam environment so you get familiar with the COMPTIA exam format.

3) DETAILED EXPLANATIONS FOR ALL ANSWERS: After completing the practice test, you get to review and check your answers. Every question includes a detailed explanation that clarifies why each answer is correct or incorrect, supporting your understanding of COMPTIA Services which is key to passing the exam.

6) TIMELY UPDATES OF QUESTION BANK: We’re constantly improving and updating the questions based on exam feedback from thousands of our students. Because of our tested and proven approach, most of our students achieve amazing results with an average exam score of over 80%

7) TEST REPORT: Upon completion of the Practice Test, you are presented with a report. This allows you to track your progress and highlights the COMPTIA knowledge areas you need to focus on most in your studies.

8) QUICK REFERENCE SHEETS: Fast-track your exam success with our bestselling practice test (valued at $44.99). Contact us for the quick reference sheets it’s FREE of charge. EXPLANATIONS are provided in the quick reference sheet.

9) RESPONSIVE INSTRUCTOR SUPPORT: Our team of COMPTIA experts comprehensively respond to all of your questions, concerns or feedback within 24 hours. You can contact your instructor directly or via the course Q&A forum.

10) MOBILE ACCESS: Study on the go and access all practice questions from your mobile phone – anywhere, anytime.


Our practice tests are widely considered to be the best as they prepare you to the point where you will confidently pass your CompTIA PenTest+ exam with a great score. But don’t take our word for it, check out the excellent course reviews from our happy students who passed their COMPTIA exam with an average passing score of over 80%.


KEY TRAINING ADVICE: Although the actual COMPTIA exam has a pass mark of 72%, we recommend that you repeatedly retake our COMPTIA practice exams until you consistently score 80% or higher. We encourage you to put in the work and study the training notes in detail. Once you achieve the recommended score in the practice tests – you are ready to sit the exam and achieve a great score!

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: COMPTIA Certification is required in most IT job roles today. Our COMPTIA Practice Tests has been created to help you to gain a competitive advantage and ensure that you pass your COMPTIA CompTIA PenTest+ exam with confidence.

COVERING COMPTIA FUNDAMENTALS: Through our COMPTIA practice exams, we cover the fundamentals of COMPTIA CompTIA PenTest+.

UNDERSTANDING COMPTIA ARCHITECTURE: The COMPTIA CompTIA PenTest+ exam is composed entirely of scenario-based questions that test your knowledge. The key to success is to know in which situation you would use a specific COMPTIA service, and what the cost, operational, security and performance implications are of different design choices. Understanding COMPTIA CompTIA PenTest+ choices comes through experience but our COMPTIA practice exams are designed to help even beginners to answer these questions.

CONFORM WITH EXAM BLUEPRINT: Using our COMPTIA CompTIA PenTest+ Practice Exams can help you gain experience with the test question format and understand how the questions in the real COMPTIA exam are structured. Unfortunately, there are many COMPTIA practice tests in the market that do NOT match the format of the exam pattern. Rest assured that with our practice tests, you will be adequately prepared for the real COMPTIA exam.

DEEPEN YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Please note that though we match the COMPTIA exam pattern, our COMPTIA practice exams are not brain dumps. Please don’t expect to pass the real COMPTIA certification exam by simply memorizing answers. Instead, we encourage you to use our COMPTIA CompTIA PenTest+ practice exams to deepen your knowledge. This is your best chance to successfully pass your exam no matter what questions you are presented with in your real exam.


300+ PRACTICE QUESTIONS: 3 sets of Practice Exams with 100 Questions each with a pool of 300+ Questions to assess your exam readiness on Udemy.

EXAM SIMULATION: All Practice Tests are timed and scored (passing score is 80%) mimicking the real exam environment.

QUICK REFERENCE SHEETS: Get our Quick reference-sheet ebook (registration required) with detailed facts, to understand and retain the theory (Free for Udemy students.)

DETAILED EXPLANATIONS: Every question includes a detailed explanation that clarifies why each answer is correct or incorrect.

RANDOMIZED QUESTIONS: Each time you take the test, the questions and answers are randomized, making it more challenging to ensure you’re learning and not memorizing.

PREMIUM-QUALITY: These practice questions are free from typos and technical errors which makes your learning experience much more pleasant.

ALWAYS UP TO DATE: Our question bank is constantly updated based on student feedback from the real exam. New questions are added on a regular basis growing our pool of questions.

ACTIVE Q&A FORUM: In this discussion board, students ask questions and share their recent exam experience offering feedback on which topics were covered.

RESPONSIVE INSTRUCTOR SUPPORT: Our team of COMPTIA experts respond to all of your questions, concerns or feedback within 24 hours.

BEST VALUE FOR MONEY: Compared to the Official COMPTIA Practice Test that gives you up to 40 questions only (for $20), when investing in these tests, you get lifetime access to our pool of questions.

ACCESS ON MOBILE: Study on the go and access all resources from your mobile.


Novagenius philosophy is to treat our customers like family. We want you to succeed in the field of Network Security and Cloud Computing or any other field. We strive to accelerate billions of careers with great courses, accessibility, and affordability. We believe that continuous learning and knowledge evolution are the most important things to keep re-skilling and up-skilling the world.

We can create a career track that suits your visions as well as develop the competencies you need to become a professional Engineer. We can also assist you with the execution and evaluation of your proficiency level, based on the career track you choose, as they are customized to fit your specific goals.

Instructors: Nova Genius


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